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Logo & Banner Download Notes

We are distributing logo, banner, and images of the exhibition for exhibitors and press to use on their printing material, website, etc. You can download and use the materials by following the below guidelines.

Logo, banner, and images can only be used for introducing the exhibition or for advertising your company’s attendance.
Please use the original logo, banner, and images distributed on this page. Do not modify the original image.
Any page on this website can be directly linked.
However, please follow the below points.

  • Please indicate that you are linking to this website.
  • Do not link to the contents (image files, etc.) of the website.
  • The website URL could be changed or deleted without notice.
  • We decline linking from websites that we find inappropriate.

The below HTML tag links to the top page of this website. If you wish to link to a different page, please change the alt to the desired page.