Exhibitor Interview

Ohshika printing co., ltd

Takeyoshi Mori

[Machine translation]

We could have many business deals with customers we could hardly reach to.

【Business outline】 Mainly with custom-made food package, we consistently handle from design to printing and processing at our company. It also has the advantage of being able to handle other varieties and small lot.

Q1. Please tell us your position and role on exhibitions.

Since we do not have specialized sections such as public relations and publicity, we have a team of sales representatives from the holding area and in-house designers teaming up for exhibition contents, booth design, operation etc, and we are looking for exhibitions. This exhibition is held in the Kanto / Tokyo area, so I am the general manager.

Q2. What challenges did you feel in your work before deciding to participate in this exhibition?

Our selling destination is about 80% of the package of original souvenir products, and our strength is that we can plan and offer packages of original design with features for each product. In order to further expand its market in this field, I had also exhibited at past exhibitions related to confectionery, but as the targets of visitors’ targets were wide, it did not lead to results and it was not an exhibition that we made out ” It was an impression. After that, I have considered “Is there any good exhibition?”, But I could not narrow down easily.

Q3. Why did you learn about this exhibition?

It happened to be our business partner and this confectionery maker who also has exhibited achievements at this exhibition received an introduction saying “This exhibition is okay” and I learned about existence.

Q4. Have you hesitated something before you apply for exhibition by knowing this exhibition, have there been obstacles?

No, last time (two years ago) nor this time at all. On the contrary, since I got very good response two years ago, this time I increased to 2 booths to 4 booths and went to the exhibition. I think that it was good because the contents of the exhibition were also displayed in categories and it was devised to make it easy to understand.

Q5. What was the final decisive factor when making an application (decision)?

Although it was the same as in the previous survey, there were also recommendations from business partners, but many companies that are subject to our dealings are also exhibited, and visitors also have exhibitions specialized in the field of PB, OEM So many people who have purpose consciousness visit so that we were also easy to narrow down the target.

Q6. How was it that you actually exhibited? What is the merit? What was the merit?

First of all, it is the point that we met with customers who have not had contacts up to now.
Companies that had overlooked this were also able to take the time to stop the customer from taking the trouble to take a business talk.
We mainly have many souvenir shop customers by region, but at the time of last exhibition, some of the major manufacturers also stopped by and we were able to connect with the deal.
Especially for customers who declined to refuse even past past business, even customers who could not even look at the catalog could drop in to the booth from the other side and listen to the explanation and tie it to the business negotiations was a merit.
We pride ourselves on being able to understand its appeal by exhibiting things and seeing things up close, but in that sense I feel as an effect of the exhibition.
In addition, food makers who are our business partners are also exhibited, and we dropped by our booth and asked for consultation about various packages, and it was tied to the actual dealings.
Although the number of visitors was not so much, I think that it is a dense exhibition.

Q7. Please tell us your message to those who are planning to exhibit at this exhibition in the future.

“In addition to thinking about it, we will not move forward unless we actually exhibit it.”
It is only by having our own products and products, I felt that the exhibition was a great opportunity to appeal to it as well as having my own.
Also, it is a place to meet many people who do not have opportunity to come in contact. There were many new business opportunities born from the new encounters there.
In our company, not only salespersons but also female designers who are working at the headquarters of Gifu usually participate. By listening to customers’ voices at the exhibition halls, feeling the reactions of customers with the skin, and seeing other exhibits etc., we can link them to better ideas and designs, increase the value of our company’s products I think that the expected effect is also expected.