Exhibitor Interview


Osone Kazunari

[Machine translation]

The show was fruitful since we had more business deals and business cards than expected.

【Business outline】 We produce jelly using fruits from various places as raw materials, mainly fruit from local Kanagawa in Odawara. It will be four years since its founding in this year.

Q1. Please tell us your position and role on exhibitions.

We are in charge of decision of exhibition exhibition, decision of exhibition contents, venue management and sales.

Q2. What challenges did you feel in your work before deciding to participate in this exhibition?

That part is not particularly.

Q3. Why did you learn about this exhibition?

E-mail arrived about half a year ago, and after that the exhibition brochure arrived.

Q4. Have you hesitated something before you apply for an exhibition to know this exhibition, have you become an obstacle?

How much is the cost effectiveness of the exhibition fee? There was a feeling that.
Even if we look at past results, we have been concerned until the first day of the session, to be honest with the number of exhibits of food-related booths such as ours was small in such a large exhibition in conjunction with HCJ.

Q5.How did you solve Q4?

It was a situation that I was relieved for the time being because I was able to hear that there were quite a lot of visitors who searched for food related OEM goods from other exhibitors on the first day.

Q6. What was the final decisive factor when making an application?

I had exhibited several times to the exhibition so far, but as the visitors were fixed, I felt like I wanted to take a step forward in new fields.
In such a case, the e-mail and the pamphlet of the exhibition guide of this exhibition arrived.
In the past, the image that OEM products had to be made at a low price was strong, but on the other hand, if we meet at this exhibition with customers who are going to build up together now, we can share one goal with each other I thought that it would be a power to build up and sell it, so I made up my mind to participate in the challenge and decided to participate.

Q7. How was it when you actually exhibited it? What is the merit? What was the merit?

It is that there were many business talks and business card exchanges more than expected from the first day.
The result is still ahead of us, but it was a better impression than the other exhibitions I’ve had.
As mentioned earlier, as many visitors from all over the country gathered on this scale only, we were worried whether our booth would definitely come to our booth, but as a result we stopped by various people in various areas I was able to negotiate.
There were not too many accommodation facilities, but several people could drop in.
As a matter of desire, I think that it will be even better if you have devised zoning and booth matching to the category, such as clearly separating the zone composition of food and other commodities.

Q8. Please tell us the message to those who are planning to exhibit at this exhibition in the future.

There are different local merchandises around me, but there are producers of local industries with no means of sales even if the production facilities are in place.
If I have the idea of expanding the business by OEM supply in the future, I think that it is worth presenting even in the sense that it expands new business opportunities.