Exhibitor Interview


Nobuo Murakami

[Machine translation]

New hotels and restaurants that are different from our customers are interested in our products.

【Business outline】 Established as a wholesale store of yarns / kimono accessories in Meiji 32 years, starting wholesale of festival goods for about 30 years.

Q1. Please tell us your position and role on exhibitions.

It is the total responsible person including the plan.

Q2. What challenges did you feel in your work before deciding to participate in this exhibition?

Festival related products can only be demanded only for a limited period of the year.
There was a time when the sales fell sharply after the Great East Japan Earthquake seven years ago and I thought that “I have to appeal to a different genre that is not as it is”, thinking, I ship the DM of our products to the inn, etc. I found out that there were only a few of them, but I was able to get inquiries.
So we have been considering exhibiting at ryokan and food service industry by saying “I can live in this field”.

Q3. Why did you learn about this exhibition?

Before participating in this exhibition, I actually watched several exhibitions.
HCJ and this exhibition are one of them, but at our company it is a strength to pay not only ready-made goods but also original products with each customer’s custom made by order-making, so this exhibition from HCJ I thought that it matched the nature of.

Q4. Have you hesitated something before you apply for an exhibition to know this exhibition, have you become an obstacle?

There is nothing in particular.

Q5. What was the final decisive factor when making an offer?

I also thought about exhibiting other miscellaneous goods at the exhibition stage at the examination stage, but the audience of the visitors was also wide, and I wanted to narrow down the target a little more. As a result, we decided to exhibit for the first time last year to this exhibition which is being held simultaneously with HCJ exhibition where ryokan and food service industry visitors gather a lot.

Q6. How was it that you actually exhibited? What is the merit? What was the merit?

It was an impression that it stands out from other booths.
I think that I remembered the company name, but in fact, the number of accesses to our homepage has also risen at a stretch in this week (the week of the session).

Is not it the best merit that I was able to meet a customer who is different from our customers with us as usual?
Last time I was able to get inquiries from the inn and restaurants.
Especially in the case of festival goods, there is only a limited time of the year there is no demand, but for customers of inns and restaurants, stability is also attractive such as being able to receive orders throughout the year.
I would like to continue to exhibit and expand sales channels next time.

Q7. Please tell us your message to those who are planning to exhibit at this exhibition in the future.

I also started exhibiting at the beginning with the feeling that the experiments are going on, but can not be said that “I do not know without trying out” again.
As I mentioned earlier, I think that it was the effect of exhibition exhibition that we met new customers who we had not known to date.
In the case of a wholesaler that does not retail like our company, you will not even remember the name unless you leave the place to go so I think that it is important to know the name at the exhibition.