Exhibitor Interview


This time I went to see the package, in addition to the contents of private lavel foods

Q1. Please tell me the position and role of the exhibition visitors.

We are developing food PB which is a monopoly product of Kokubu other than major national brand.

Q2. What were your tasks felt before you decided to visit this exhibition?

In short, it is the task “I want to make something that can be sold”. There are many things to think about to make something that can sell from the content (raw material) preference to how to sell price.
In recent years the trendsetter is quick, the trend will end in a moment. Under such circumstances, I feel that it is easier to sell the effect as soon as you know the efficacy, that the woman has the decision right to purchase.

Q3. How did you learn about this exhibition?

I have been visiting this exhibition from 4 to 5 years ago. The chance was that we began making monopoly products. It is because I wanted information. Although I was in Osaka, I feel Tokyo has a lot of information. I think that it is better to have more choices.

Q4. How was it when you actually visited? What is the merit? What was the merit?

This time I came to see the package as well as the contents of food PB. Since our company is late for designing and packaging materials, we would like to change it a bit.
There are additives as coming only to the coming so far. Currently, the additives of “Kagami no pickled sagaru” which is on sale at a major supermarket were those found at the exhibition. Chicken meat meat was looking for something to soften the meat as it passed. We had to repeat the experiment repeatedly in less than two years as we had to guarantee safety. It is an advantage that you can listen to the opinions of exhibitors who are experts on that road.

Q5. A message to those who are planning to exhibit at this exhibition in the future.

Opportunity is rolling. I do not know what kind of people will come, but please judge and grab business opportunities. There is no mistake in thinking that the product of the company is the best, but I think that it would be good if you think about what will happen when you are lined up in the sales floor. It makes it easier for me to negotiate when I do so to actually suggest it to the sales floor.

About the development concept of the exhibition

Q6. How did you feel about the needs and issues of exhibitors (or visitors) when planning this exhibition?

There is a need to increase the choices from ingredients to exits. It is necessary to imagine what the price or design is like compared to the design company currently trading and what will happen when positioning the finished product in the supermarket. I am thinking whether or not I can sell it according to the trend.

Q7. What kind of projects / tastes did you think that this exhibition should be in response to the above issues and needs?

Our members often go to the exhibition where regional products are out. Because unusual, unknown things are out. Since there are often no points of contact with companies in the local community, we are discovering it and sending it to the world. Regarding local enterprises, even if it is an attractive product, it is often necessary to make a minor change in order to make something to sell. Taste is also important, but we can not win by price as compared with major national brand, so we ask what is sticking, what kind of story is there, what materials do you have good taste etc?

Q8. Have you had any difficulties in realizing that?

When I did not have the ideal taste, I had a hard time finding out the cause.

Q9. What type of people (exhibitors or visitors) would like to use this exhibition?

Regarding visit, I would like to visit companies looking for OEM destination such as wholesale, maker etc. For exhibits, we are seeking companies dealing with spouts.