Exhibitor Interview

KITA(Korea International Trade Association)


Gahyun Park

What is your role?

I am in charge of Korean Pavilion. About 20companies applied the show and I need to screen and pick up the companies.

What is the obstacles before you decide to exhibit the show?

Budget, timing, the size of exhibition and types of buyers, This show seems to satisfy all the concerns we have.

What is the final reason you picked up the show?

Korean companies in the pavilion would like to meet real buyers. I expect our company need to find out the good and real buyers. In Japan, there are a lot of types of retailers, convenient store, deparment store, supermarket, small shops. I expect it their demand will be satisfied.

How do you do well so far?

Some exhibitors attracted a lot of buyers to their booths. It takes time for these exhibitors to finalize their deals but I am sure that will.

The interviews was conducted during the exhibition.