Exhibitor Interview

Enseki Aojiru


Terumi Takaoka

[Machine translation]

“High density Exhibition” where there are many visitors with strong purpose.

Focusing on the balance of food and the effect of organic foods from their own disease experiences, succeeded in commercializing granular green juice through medical demonstration, manufacturing and selling functional foods such as green juice. Establish a business model that utilizes abandoned abandoned land effectively by unfolding from unpacking to cultivation and production, and actively promoting industry in depopulated areas.

Please tell me the position and role of exhibition exhibition.

Is it the standpoint of watching the whole as a representative director? Although we do product description and business negotiation with the employees at the venue, we are leaving the selection of exhibits to the autonomy of the employees from examination and decision of the exhibition. Of course, I advise as appropriate about the way to show and distribution materials etc.

What challenges did you feel in your work before deciding to participate in this exhibition?

I have exhibited at various exhibitions in the past, domestic and overseas, but my response was one more.
There were also many general visitors, there were many visitors, but there were also many cases that the rate leading to the deal was low. Also, I thought that many people did not have knowledge about our products.

How did you learn about this exhibition?

Since I have been exhibiting at various exhibitions for many years, I have long been aware of the existence of this exhibition.

What was the final decisive factor when making an offer (decision)?

There were also materials sent from the secretariat and proposals from employees, and from my own experience, I decided to participate in the first exhibition last year, saying, “Will it be possible for this exhibition?
There are various exhibitions in various places, but if it is related to health, only visitors related to health are narrowed down, and so on.
However, this exhibition will be coming many visitors of HCJ to be held at the same time. There were many hotel officials and nutritionists and I thought it was a good opportunity to appeal to a wide range of people. Also, I also heard stories from other vendors saying “This exhibition is nice.” This time, which is the second time, I decided to participate without hesitation, as the previous result was very good.

How was it that you actually exhibited? What is the merit? What was the merit?

It was the same as last time, but there are so many visitors with purpose consciousness that the density is high. Some people who wanted to sell our products under their own brand in China, but now the reliability of Japanese products made overwhelming with respect to Japanese products, especially functional foods in China, There was also a story that I wanted to sell locally at PB by all means very high.
I think that it is unique to the exhibition that the enthusiasm and reliability of the opponent can be directly felt through negotiations. Some people stopped by the first half of the four-day session and visited again in the second half to negotiate.
Although we are exhibiting at various exhibitions throughout the country, the place called Tokyo is still different. It is true that things and business opportunities are concentrated, so that the audience is thick and the quality is high. I feel greatly the significance of exhibition this year following last year.

In the future, what message are you planning to participate in this exhibition?

Is not it important to draw out the seriousness of customers?
Compared with other exhibitions, this exhibition has a high rate of “people who can judge” to visit. It is an exhibition that allows you to exchange properly at the venue as you come and settle. Also, I think that the name of the exhibition is concrete. There are “strong companies in production” that have the power to make excellent products, “there are companies strong in sales”. I think that it is an unparalleled opportunity as a place of opportunity for such companies to connect with each other.
Since serious people are coming, I think that good results can be obtained by properly preparing and responding to exhibitors.