Official Buyer Service

Business Matching Service: Meet with potential buyers

Official Buyer Service
Official Buyer Service

Private Label & OEM Trade Show has invited 30 buyer companies related to the hotel and restaurant industries.
Exhibitors see the products and proposals that buyers are looking for, which are disclosed in advance, and apply for matching.

When an exhibitor is selected by a buyer, the business meeting schedule is confirmed, and takes place in a specialized business meeting room.

* Business meetings require filling out and submitting a business meeting sheet, and the buyers make a preliminary review.?
In some cases, it may not be possible to set up the sales negotiation itself, due to the results of the preliminary review.

Buyers (Japan’s Leading Hotels and Restaurants)

Private Label & OEM Trade Show Japan 2021


Show Information
Date February 15(Tue) - 18(Fri), 2022
10:00 - 17:00 (Until 16:30 on the last day)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
East Halls 8
Concurrent show HCJ2022
Inbound Market Expo