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Japan’s Largest Exhibition for
Private Label & OEM Trade Show JAPAN

Private Label & OEM Trade Show JAPAN is the exhibition where the companies, from all over the world,
of the original product development, Private Label, OEM Products and Service for Professional Use exhibit.

Companies in cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, furniture, package will be at the venue.
Please consider to exhibit since the buyers with strong purpose will visit the show.

For exhibitors and visitors

exhibitors and visitors

People who are in product planning and marketing will come to look for business partners who develop new products together.

Why Exhibit?

  • Many Powerful Buyers

    53% of visitors are in charged marketing or product planing.

    Many Powerful Buyers

    Exhibits: Food/Beverage (Ingredients, Fresh products, Processed Food), Non-Food (Miscellaneous goods, Cosmetics, home electrical appliance), Products that supports development like package. Visitors: Person in charge of product development come to find the partners for developing their products.

  • Effective

    Visitors have clear purpose.

    17.5 business talks and 1,000 USD- 50,000USD business deals on average during the show.

  • Visit from HCJ

    You can set many kind of businessmeetings.

    Due to the concurrent exhibitions held at the same venue, approx. 68,000 buyers will visit the show from the growing hotel and restaurant industries. The exhibition is held right next to the Inbound Market Expo that attracts many visitors, so we expect visitors from various industries to come and visit us!

Original Product Development WEEK brings an Influential Buyer

Exhibitor questionnaire
No. of response: 53

  • Bring Powerful Buyer

    What is your role in the purchasing process?


    More than 80% of the visitors have some influence on the decision-making process for purchasing.

  • Business Matching Service

    There is a chance outside the exhibition.

    Exhibitors can business talks with various buyers like hotel,restaurants, manufacturers, wholesales.

  • Promotions

    Promotions by Web, SNS, DM, Telephone, Ads.

    68,000 professional buyers in hospitality industries from concurrent show will visit the show.

If you want to see who are the visitors, please see the show report.

Show Report

Show Information
Date February 15(Tue) - 18(Fri), 2022
10:00 - 17:00 (Until 16:30 on the last day)
Venue Tokyo Big Sight
East Halls 8
Concurrent show HCJ2022
Inbound Market Expo