Japan’s Largest Private Label, OEM, Packaging Show




Private Label & OEM Trade Show JAPAN is the exhibition where the companies, from all over the world,
of the original product development, Private Label, OEM Products and Service for Professional Use exhibit.

Companies in cosmetics, miscellaneous goods, furniture, package will be at the venue.?
Please consider to exhibit since the buyers with strong purpose will visit the show.


Three Special Zones

It is held in Makuhari Messe East hall 8 on a 160 booths scale.

Find business partners for Private Label and OEM

Private Label & OEM Trade Show JAPAN 2020

Private Label & OEM Trade Show 2020 is the 12th exhibition that is held for the purpose of providing a place for buyers who are in charge of development and procurement of Private Label/OEM business materials to find potential business and development partners. Any exhibitors from food to non-food can exhibit.

Find quality package and design companies!

Package/Design Show

Not only packages that maintain the quality of the contents, but also packages with stylish designs that draw people’s attention at stores and packages for branding have come to prominence.

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What You can See?


Original Products Development Week like from ingredients to products, package, local products can exhibit. Also, we will have many seminars related to original development.

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Networking Party


During the show period, It is held networking party that meet an exhibitor and a visitor.

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1. High Quality Products

1. High Quality Products

Japanese retailers are seeking for overseas manufacturers who can supply with high quality and unique food & non-food products for consumers. A statistics below shows that Engels Coefficient ?the proportion of money spent on food in household expenses- reached a record high in 29 years (25.8% See statistics ) ,which means Japanese consumers buy high quality products and home-meal replacement. Retailers have made an tremendous effort to deliver high quality products to fulfill their consumers’demand.

2. Productivity Improvement and Labor Shortage

2. Productivity Improvement and Labor Shortage

Japan has been facing the shortage of labor force as about 10 million labor force has decreased for 20 years due to the aging population. Simultaneously, unemployment rate has reached a record high and Japanese companies feel the need to outsource their easy tasks and manufacturing to other companies. Private Label and OEM manufacturing will become one of the solutions.